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Thrill your team with fun, exciting, and unique team building experiences designed to build trust, confidence and teamwork while producing better communication, improved productivity and increased effectiveness.

From extraordinary trust-building & bonding experiences to content-rich team development
programs (see keynote topics & seminar topics), your event will be custom designed with your results in mind.

THE "TOP 10" - Most Popular Programs
All expertly facilitated by our extraordinary team of in-house leaders, trainers and staff:

Corporate "Firewalk" - Unleashing the Fire Within™ Imagine what your team will achieve once you have literally walked through fire together. Your corporate “firewalk” will include an opportunity for each of your team members to storm across a bed of red-hot coals, an unforgettable experience your team will talk about for years to come.
The Bicycle Factory™ Working together as a team you will earn the pieces of a brand new bike and the tools to build it. Against impossible odds and immense time pressure, you will build a bike for your "customer", an underprivileged child in the community. A heartwarming teambuilding event with a philanthropic spin.
Team Racing Extreme: The Need for Speed™ It's up to you and your team to choose and build your car, prep it for the races, and ultimately work together towards the spotlights in the winners circle. Every member of the group contributes to the ultimate success of your racing team.
Team Masterpiece™ Imagine a unique team building experience where your team can learn, bond, and grow while creating something meaningful, beautiful enduring. Team Masterpiece™ is a teambuilding experience built around painting. Get ready to work together, unleash your creativity and discover the keys to communication and team work.
Team Break Through™ One of the most powerful, unique and exciting motivational, teambuilding & leadership experiences imaginable. Break through a solid wooden board with your bare hands. Learn that every barrier gives way, every obstacle can be overcome and every challenge has a solution.
Team Titanic™ Your team has embarked on the maiden voyage of the "unsinkable" Titanic. You have struck an iceberg and the ship is taking on water. It's up to you to save the ship, the crew and the passengers from an unthinkable fate. Working together against time and the odds, your team must find a way to save the day.
Team Apollo: Rocket to the Moon™ Your mission -- land on the moon and return safely to earth while working together to plan and execute every aspect of the mission. No matter what the challenge, you will learn the tools and skills to achieve what was previously thought impossible.
Team Improv™ Through a series of exciting improvisational games, exercises & challenges, you will harness the ability to be spontaneously creative. Team Improv™ will open your mind to the limitless possibilities, breaking you out of your patterns of thought, and honing the ability to explore and develop any idea to its fullest.
The Great Outdoor Team Adventure™ Enjoy the great outdoors having fun and working together as a team to overcome physical obstacles, solve problems and achieve team goals. Activities can include "Team Escape from the Tangled Web™," "The Ultimate Journey of Trust™," "Save the World - Island Escape™" and more.
Ropes Course Experience™ Prepare for unforgettable thrills, trust and bonding as you walk across high wires, leap to the trapeze, fly through the air on the "zip line", and learn that together your team can achieve at levels you never even imagined.

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Professional Teambuilding brings you more than seventeen years of team training experience providing some of the most powerful corporate team building events, corporate team building seminars, corporate team building workshops, and corporate team building programs ever offered.

All of these team building events can serve as a stand alone activity or the cornerstone of comprehensive event, seminar or workshop. They can also be incorporated into a more comprehensive multi-day team building or team training or team development program.

All of our customized team building programs are designed to foster trust, teamwork and connection among your people. Additionally, your team building event can focus on a variety of seminar topics including: strategic planning, communication, sales training, customer service, leadership, women’s empowerment, marketing, conflict management, change management, emotional intelligence, negotiation, time management, stress management, goal setting, and motivation.

Professional Teambuilding is your best source for the most useful information about leadership, team building, motivation and strategic planning. We have provided a directory of useful free articles that you can read to learn more about these topics.

How much will your team benefit from better motivation, increased teamwork, and improved communication skills? Clients choose Professional Teambuilding because we produce guaranteed results!

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