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Southern California High Ropes Course Locations including: Los Angeles, Lake Arrowhead, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, Riverside, Ventura County, Palm Springs, Orange County & San Diego.
High & Low Ropes Course Events are exceptional ways for people to build trust, build confidence, overcome challenges, strengthen bonds and have fun. With proper guidance from our expert facilitators, your group will learn, grow, and bond in ways that are not possible in everyday situations. Expertly trained ropes course leaders guide your group through your ropes course event, custom tailoring your experience based on the needs of your group and the needs of each individual participant.
Ropes Course participants will get to know each other through a variety of games and initiatives. They will learn to work together to achieve common goals under challenging circumstances. Low Ropes Course Events are all designed to foster communication, break down barriers, build trust, develop problem-solving skills, and create an exciting and fun experience. After each event or initiative the group will be challenged to evaluate all aspects of the experience from the technical aspects of how and what they were doing (and how they could have done better) to the ways in which they were communicating (or not communicating) to the ways the experience made each participant feel (and why). This is a core aspect of experiential teambuilding. Telling people something is often of little use. Showing them something allows them to begin believing. First hand experience, doing something, experiencing something is the best way to ensure true understanding. Sharing an intense positive experience with others produces an emotional bond and increases levels of trust and respect.

The High Ropes Course Challenge includes a variety of intense experiences at distances from twenty to sixty-five feet above the ground. You and your teammates will build confidence and trust as you leap to a trapeze, fly through the air on a zip line, climb the "crow" and traverse high wires high above the ground.
Professional Teambuilding ropes course programs are specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of your corporate team.

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